Medical Malpractice

Holding Medical Professionals Accountable for Inexcusable Errors

We trust doctors and nurses with our health and our lives. When medical professionals break that trust, it can have tragic results. Not every bad outcome or error constitutes medical malpractice. The question is whether there is lasting harm and whether medical staff failed in their obligations to the patient by deviating from the standards of the profession. If you suspect medical malpractice, the law firm of Kelly & King, P.C., can determine if you have a viable case. We have the courtroom experience and financial resources to bring suit and follow through all the way to trial if necessary.

We handle medical malpractice litigation throughout Cook and DuPage County and Cook County, Illinois. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation.

Exploring Medical Malpractice · Misdiagnosis Attorneys

Our attorneys have a solid record of verdicts and settlements for serious injury, including various forms of medical malpractice:

  • Botched surgery and anesthesia errors
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Medication errors such as wrong prescription, overdose or contraindications
  • Nursing home medical negligence (bedsores, malnutrition, medications)

Filing a medical malpractice suit in Illinois requires the opinion of a doctor in the same or similar field of medicine. We utilize a network of doctors in different specialties who can help us determine the credibility and viability of malpractice claims. If we take the case, we have the resources to hire experts and see the case through negotiations and trial in pursuit of fair compensation.


We are committed to holding doctors and hospitals accountable for the preventable harm they have caused.

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