Sometimes there is a legitimate policy dispute. Sometimes insurers reject claims on technicalities or inaccurate assumptions. Sometimes insurers downplay claims, delay payment or deny coverage without any valid basis.

The law firm of Kelly & King, P.C., offers effective advocacy in insurance coverage disputes and insurance litigation. In fact, our skilled trial lawyers have litigated these conflicts on both sides. Our extensive corporate defense work has given us insights into how insurance companies operate, from how they analyze and settle claims to tactics they use to deflect claims or interpret policy language to their own favor.

We represent claimants in Cook County and DuPage County and throughout the Chicago area. We also have extensive experience defending businesses in insurance and liability matters. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation.


Kelly & King, P.C., represents individuals and businesses in Cook County and DuPage County, Illinois, in disputes with insurance companies. If an insurer has denied coverage, offered a lowball settlement, refused to defend you or otherwise undermined your legitimate claim, we can intervene.

  • Business liability — We represent corporate clients in disputes with insurance carriers over general commercial liability claims or failure to defend against lawsuits.
  • Auto accident insurance — We regularly litigate liability coverage and uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist claims on behalf of personal injury victims. Our attorneys also handle insurance subrogation (reimbursement) disputes.
  • Homeowners insurance — We help property owners secure appropriate compensation for fire loss or other damage or coverage for personal injury liability.
  • Other coverage disputes — We have helped construction contractors, condo/apartment owners and other entities resolve property damage claims, tort claims and more.
  • Bad faith insurance denials — If insurers unfairly reject a valid claim or systematically devalue or deny certain types of claims, they may be accountable for punitive damages plus actual damages and attorney fees.

Filing a medical malpractice suit in Illinois requires the opinion of a doctor in the same or similar field of medicine. We utilize a network of doctors in different specialties who can help us determine the credibility and viability of malpractice claims. If we take the case, we have the resources to hire experts and see the case through negotiations and trial in pursuit of fair compensation.


In their corporate practice, the attorneys of Kelly & King, P.C. have assisted insurance adjusters in claim investigations, provided coverage opinions, negotiated settlements, prepared arguments for trial, and participated in insurance coverage trials and appeals. Their experience in insurance defense directly benefits policyholder clients who have gotten the runaround from insurers.

The insurance companies employ armies of attorneys to minimize claims. You need an experienced attorney on your side to level the playing field. We are familiar with the roles and responsibilities of insurers, and we do not take their policy interpretations or coverage denials at face value. We fight to hold insurers to their legal obligations through settlement negotiations, motions for declaratory judgment, bad faith lawsuits and other legal remedies.

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